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Our story


Our story


The Company was formed, composed of Norman peasants who manufactured nets by hand.


First mechanization wave of the production means.


Our first exportation !


Filt is unfortunately in ruin after the bombings on the city of Caen.
The workshop is entirely destroyed.


The production starts again as a resultat of many efforts and the will to rebuild the site.


Innovation and patent taken out, Filt's brand is registered.

2003 à 2010

A large wave of investments, 1M €.


Filt celebrates its 150 years ! Innovation Award granted by INPI (French Patent Office).


Filt becomes a certified exporter for South Korea, Maghreb countries, Egypt, Mexico, South Africa, Israel and PTOM (France's overseas countries and territories).


Award for international sales performance by DCF (France Sales Managers and Leaders movement).


Filt don't be going to pot !
Award of Made in Normandy by the region.
We were awarded the "Living Heritage Enterprise" label by the French government, in recognition of our know-how in excellence. Currently, there are 1400 companies "Living Heritage Enterprise" in France. 


Construction of a new building for more space and comfort ! We take machines and our suitcases to Mondeville (14)


New website and new identity visual for Filt1860 !

Our values

Commitment :

  • Filt makes its upmost to maintain the industrial textile know-how in France.
  • We fully endorse our Corporate Social Responsibility by working closely all year long with a rehabilitation workshop and a workshop employing disabled persons.
  • When Filt commits to a customer, it does so seriously and with conviction
  • When a staff member is hired at Filt, we ask him/her to get involved for his own sake, for the whole team and for the customer.

Opennes :

  • We are open to the world, and seek to always take cultural differences into account, wich can lever up competitive advantages.
  • Our staff itself is very diverse and makes our strength. All ages, origins and experiences are represented.
  • We are constantly keeping a close eye on new materials and technological innovations. Our sharp minds are tirelessly monitoring our production methods further developments so as to imagine tomorrow's nets. Everyone in the team has a word !

Genuinenes :

  • We are working in all sincerity for our customers and within our team. Even if the net genesis is as old as the hills, today's manufacturing process is extremely sophisticated.
  • Filt was founded in 1860. The company is steeped in history and intense memories.
  • Our feet are settled in the production and our minds full of ideas and future developments.

What is the vision of Filt ?

Paris - Tokyo - New York - Pont l’Evêque

Our nets will be a conveyor of the « French touch » here and in the world.
Introduce and sell our french know-how in this world.

How do we get there ?

The innovation, our values, the exportation and the quality are essential for our development. 

Who are we ?

Filt is a textile company founded in 1860, in Normandy. We are specializing in the knitting of nets and the weaving of wick candle. Our objective ? Offer you quality and french manufacture products while keeping our know-how. Yes, it's about twenty people who working every at Filt to maintain the industrial textile in France.

We are present in France but also abroad, 50% of our products are selling internationally. You can find some of our products made with love in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Milan, or again Berlin and Montreal. Our little nets fly abroad to share the french way of life !

Filt received the "Living Heritage Enterprise" label, showing the french know-how in excellence.

Entreprise du patrimoine vivant
Made in France