Our origins

Filt 1860 was a cooperative of Norman farmers founded in 1860 in the south of Caen.

Later, the company was run by L'Honneur family and then became "Les établissements l'Honneur".

In 1910 the means of manufacture began to be mechanized, and the first export experiences began in 1925.

Photo of the origins of the company FILT1860
Reconstruction of FILT1860 after the war

Filt's life challenges

On June 6, 1944 at 3:30 p.m, all efforts of the L'Honneur family were destroyed; the city of Caen is bombed, the factory is devastated.

Reconstruction began in 1945, production resumed in 1948 after much effort.

At this time, about 30% of the production is intended for export, about 50 workers and more than a hundred work from home.

The company is present in several sectors of activity: mussel farming, leisure, storage, food processing, hunting...

Following the sale of Les "Établissements l'Honneur", the company became Filt in 1990.

The development

In the 2000s, Jean-Philippe and Catherine COUSIN became the directors of the company.

Their arrival marks the start of a renewal, participation in trade fairs, updating of shopping nets, innovation in technical textiles.

In 2017, Filt1860 received the "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" label.
Filt1860 is therefore now an EPV Norman company. The only State Label, awarded by the Ministry of Industry. Currently, there are 1,400 EPV companies in France, rewarded for their excellent know-how.

In 2019, Filt1860 takes the machines and suitcases to Mondeville (14) in its new building.

In this spirit of renewal, the manufacture is launching its new website and revealing its new visual identity in 2020.

Jean-Philippe and Catherine COUSIN, directors of the company FILT1860

Our values

Commitment by FILT1860


  • Filt makes its upmost to maintain the industrial textile know-how in France.

  • We fully endorse our Corporate Social Responsibility by working closely all year long with a rehabilitation workshop and a workshop employing disabled persons.

  • When Filt commits to a customer, it does so seriously and with conviction

  • When a staff member is hired at Filt, we ask him/her to get involved for his own sake, for the whole team and for the customer.

Opennes by FILT1860


  • We are open to the world, and seek to always take cultural differences into account, wich can lever up competitive advantages.

  • Our staff itself is very diverse and makes our strength. All ages, origins and experiences are represented.

  • We are constantly keeping a close eye on new materials and technological innovations. Our sharp minds are tirelessly monitoring our production methods further developments so as to imagine tomorrow's nets. Everyone in the team has a word !

Genuinenes by FILT1860


  • We are working in all sincerity for our customers and within our team. Even if the net genesis is as old as the hills, today's manufacturing process is extremely sophisticated.

  • Filt was founded in 1860. The company is steeped in history and intense memories.

  • Our feet are settled in the production and our minds full of ideas and future developments.

Fabriqué en France
EVP : Entreprise du patrimoine vivant